Case Studies

“I’m not doing anything else. I’m getting business, and reviews are all I’m doing!”

-Jake, Accounting Business Owner 

No matter your business, you need sales. Whether you’re a veterinarian clinic, a law firm, a restaurant, or even someone in accounting, reviews are necessary to direct new customers to your business. Jake had his own accounting business, and he was doing everything he thought he was supposed to be doing. SEO, Facebook ads, networking groups, you name it—he was doing it. But his business wasn’t growing as fast as he wanted. And his leads were only so-so. 

When Jake started using the Review HQ review system, he instantly saw a change. And now he’s not even using any other techniques, just reviews! 

We checked in with Jake a few months after starting the review system, and he says he gets a lead a week. 

“I closed this one client, and this year alone, the billing was $50,000! I have another client that I’m billing another $10,000 this year. I know that Google Reviews is my source of business because, again, I’m not even doing anything else.”


Stop hoping you’ll get the sales you need and start closing sales like Jake with the Review HQ system today! 

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