About Us

Are you sinking money into ads that are getting you maybe one cold lead a week? Before Review HQ, William Lee was in business twenty years, and he did his fair share of networking. He worked in accounting, and he was using Facebook and LinkedIn ads to try generating leads. He maybe got one or two cold, cold leads in six months, and he was paying for it! On top of that, for a long time, he was going to networking groups and walking away with maybe two cold leads for a year. 

That’s when he realized he needed multiple sources. He tried SEO and even got to the front page, but that was barely improving his leads. But in 2018, he went to an accounting seminar, and he talked to a man who said he had gotten 175 clients. How? Reviews! 

After discovering the power of reviews, William Lee founded ReviewHQ so he could help other businesses find success at a lower cost. 

With reviews, you aren’t reactive; you’re proactive.

Reviews are a low-cost avenue to increase your leads instantly. With Review HQ, when someone fills out a review for you, they already spent the time to give you their information, and they already know who you are! Additionally, reviews are much cheaper than SEO or Facebook ads. 

Stop wasting your time at networking events and with expensive digital tactics just because that’s what you’re “supposed to do.” If a potential customer sees your product and another product of the same price, but you have more reviews, it’s a no brainer. They’re going to choose you!

Time is the most important resource. Stop wasting TIME.

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