Why Reviews?

When was the last time you used a review to decide something?

When was the last time you left a review?

Everyone loves reviews. When a customer leaves a review, they get to tell you their experience. On your end, you get a lasting business recommendation and a warm lead!

Your Customers Can Review You Anywhere Online

We’re Your Review Headquarters For Any Business…

Whether your business is a restaurant, a law firm, a medical practice, retail, or another client-based business, Review HQ is your go-to review service. We’ll give you all the tools you need to guarantee over a hundred good reviews.

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How it Works

Pros of Reviews

1) Your Reviews are Pivotal When it Comes to Decision-Making

The truth is many people don’t even read through the reviews. They just look through the average score and the number of reviews to make their decision. Having good comments is good, but getting a lot of good reviews is vital!

2) Pass it on to the Next Owner

You’ve probably noticed that reviews don’t expire. When you sell your business, you have more added value with more 5-star reviews. That means you could be adding assets to your business.

3) We Only Ask for 5-Star reviews

You might be thinking, what happens if someone gives me a BAD review?! Well, we don’t ask people who we might give you less than a 5-star rating. We ONLY ask customers who we know walked away satisfied. Those are the customers who are guaranteed to give you 5 stars! And, just in case, we also help you filter the reviews before they get published.

4) Cheaper Than SEO and Facebook Ads

SEO and Facebook ads can bring you a ton of success, but they are definitely an investment. If you feel like you’re spending more than you’re making back, why keep doing it? We know this is how marketing and networking “should” be done, but we want you to know you have options. Reviews are a low-cost alternative.

5) Stop Going to Networking Events

Are you tired of spending your time driving in your car just to spend an exhausting day networking and get only one or two cold leads? Good news! Reviews are an excellent replacement for networking events. Your online following is sure to get you more business than any networking event ever did!

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