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One of the best ways to lock down reviews is using a sales funnel that will help make it easier for your customers, clients, or patients. Do you know the sole reason people don’t leave reviews when they would be happy to do it? They think it takes too much time. But with a platform that lets you request a review and immediately fill it out, you’ll convince more clients to leave you reviews. 

When you sign up to speak to us, we’ll help assess your business and guide you to our platform. 

Using our Review Platform, you’ll have access to a review scan where you can see how your business is doing according to your current reviews. This isn’t mandatory, but it’s an option that will help you assess where you’re at and set goals.

We’ll send you the link to sign up. 

Once you’re signed up, you’ll have everything you need to start requesting reviews from clients right now. We don’t ask you to spend a lot of time setting up your account or customizing your requests. Right away, you’ll have a link all ready to go!

Ready to start closing sales and getting a ton of warm leads?

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